Best Road Trips in Alabama

See the Heart of Dixie Along These Famed Tours

Hit the road and see the Gulf Coast this summer, have a crisp adventure in Birmingham this winter, and just plain enjoy yourself any time in between.

Why not start with the Northern Alabama Tour? Northern Alabama offers a complete look at Dixie. Larger cities, friendly small towns, open spaces, and Appalachians; music, motorsports, and museums; the birthplace of favorite sons and daughters like W.C. Handy, Helen Keller, and Jesse Owens; and from the Civil War to civil rights, from old trails to new paths, plenty of history.

The Southern Alabama Tour mixes wide open spaces, fertile lands, small towns loaded with history and charm, major colleges and universities, the world’s only statue saluting a farm pest, and some expansive beaches along the Gulf Coast. Let’s check out this part of the “Yellowhammer State” (a.k.a. “the Cotton State”, “Heart of Dixie,” or, as Lynyrd Skynyrd notes, “Sweet Home Alabama”).